Escape Rooms: What’s the Big Deal?

Layla Parsa, Arts & Entertainments Editor

Everybody loves the adventure of being locked in a dark series of rooms with a backwards-ticking clock on the wall and no way of escape other than an intricate series of puzzles, right? These “Escape Rooms” have taken the country by storm. The real-life puzzle games are essentially team-building exercises with an anxiety-inducing twist. Groups enter a room with a themed story line such as escape the prison, outrun the zombies, get off the pirate ship, etc. Then, they must find clues and solve puzzles that open doors to the next area until they escape the series. The true test is to see whether you know your team well enough to work as a single machine and get out.

Ms. Annie Vaillancourt says, “Every semester, I take my Forensics students to Ultimate Escape Game which is located at the Cobb Galleria. The educational purpose of this game is to simulate team work that occurs during the investigation of a crime scene.”

So, what’s the secret? “Delegate roles for everyone. It helps to stay organized.” So, find a group of friends and head out to an Escape Room near you. Challenge yourself and find out if you’d survive!