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Morgan Alwardt, Sports Editor

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Triple Play was introduced this past school year (2016-2017) as a brand new science class that encompassed AP Biology, Post-AP Advanced DNA/Genetics Research, and Honors Anatomy and Physiology into a year-long time frame. The class is taught by Dr. Joanne Jezequel and is reserved for juniors and seniors only.

When current Triple Play students were asked what there most memorable moment of the class was, these were their answers:

Leah Spurgeon: Being able to see my own cells under a microscope.

Mikayla Montag: When we extracted our own DNA and were able to see it in 3D.

Zianya Solis: I’ve never seen chromosomes in real life.

Jasmine Brown: Personally, I’m a fan of the eye dissection.

Bailey McGovern: The urinalysis was fun, I felt like an actual scientist.

Faheem Pottayil: All of the dissections were cool.

Aimun Amatul-Hayee: When Dr. J let us do house chores to raise our grade.

Zach Krausman: When everyone was trying to expose their microbes to each other that they collected around school.

Ben Harner: Doing the POGILS completely and individually.

Wes Hyman: Lab coats!


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