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5,6,7,8…Who Do We Appreciate?

Morgan Alwardt, Sports Editor

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Coach Whittemore and the KMHS cheer program had another successful and competitive 2016 cheerleading season this year.

Every girl on the team lives for the Friday Night Lights of the football season. They always match their uniforms to the game theme and have a choreographed routine for every song that comes on the speakers.

To start their pregame preparations, everyone meets after school in the classroom where they team begins to get ready. They then have an approximately 30 minute practice to rehearse their routines and cheers. The practice is then followed by a dance party as the girls put on uniforms and do each other’s’ hair. By the time 5:30 rolls around, dinner is all ready to be served to the team. Once everyone has eaten, the team finishes putting on the finishing touches to their hair, bows, and makeup and then makes their way to the field around 6:30. At this time, they are getting everything for the start of the game, from the banner that the football team runs through to the pom-poms.

The Mustangs lost one of their flyers, Abby Dees, due to a back problem mid-season, but after a few weeks off the field, she recovered quickly and returned to the sideline for the end of the season.

Early on in the season, the Mustangs hosted the Mustang Cheer Classic where the Mustangs dominated and gave an amazing performance. The cheer program also hosted the region tournament at The Mountain, and then moved on to compete in the state tournament in Columbus, Georgia in November.

We will miss the seniors from this year very much, but we can’t wait to see everyone back next year!


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5,6,7,8…Who Do We Appreciate?