Strike A Pose for #Mannequin Challenge


Nicole Joy Balawon, Student Life Editor

Strike a pose for the new viral internet challenge called the Mannequin Challenge. Started in high schools on October 26, 2016, students imitated mannequins as a challenge, with music playing in the background – Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” being the most common track to play. What started in a high school locker room quickly made its way into classrooms and soon enough, entire schools are involved – even the teachers! Some college football teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers have joined in on the challenge along with many professional sports teams such as the LA Kings. Once many versions of the challenge began surfacing with Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles as the background music, Rae Sremmurd paused a concert to do it live.


The idea is quite simple – get a group of people to pose and stay completely still while a person with a camera walks around and weaves through the entire scene to show every piece of it. The more creative the frozen pose, the better. Basically, kind of like a flash mob, but far less obnoxious. Videos of the challenge have spread all over social media with the tag #MannequinChallenge . Check out KMHS students strike a pose for the Mannequin Challenge!

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