Homecoming 2016 is the Best One Yet


Kristy Nguyen and Nicole Joy Balawon

Kristy Nguyen, Student Life Editor

Mardi Gras was alive and well at the Mountain this past Saturday. As soon as you turn into the school, you are faced with a jazz trio playing smooth blues music. Immediately after, you enter the mouth of a jester, and you are transported. Your surroundings transform from Kennesaw Mountain High School into a vibrant, lively Louisiana street. Balconies line the walls, and beads hang in every direction you look. You have two options: hit the dance floor straight ahead in the courtyard or take a right to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and cupcakes.

Louisiana street with intricate balconies leading to the courtyard

On the dance floor, everyone busted out their best dance moves. From the “JuJu on that Beat” dance, to the “Dougie”, and throwing it way back to the “Soulja Boy.” Homecoming Queen, Archelle Thelemaque, truly outdid herself with her song of choice, “Piano Man” by Billy Joel. Everyone’s heart on the dance floor were warm that chilly night.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Archange Thelemaque, 2016 Homecoming Queen Archelle Thelemaque, 2015 Homecoming Queen Daisy Reyes, Principal Dr. Mark Trachtenbroit

Anyone who decided not to go truly missed out on the best Homecoming Dance to strike KMHS in the three years I have been here, and anyone who did go recognized the fact that it was absolutely brilliant.

Simply put: #hoco2k16 was lit. Until next year, Homecoming!


Nicole Joy Balawon, Student Life Editor

Having avoided last year’s Homecoming due to not really having a squad to go with, this year’s Homecoming was beyond what I had expected. Upon entering the dance through the mouth of a jester, it feels just as if you’ve been taken back to a Mardi Gras on a vibrant, lively Louisiana street. With balconies and beads, beignets and blues, the night has only just begun.



All in all, the entire night was a huge success. Not only did I have a chance to let loose and have fun, I had an amazing time spent with my closest friends. Even though planning to accommodate hectic schedules and dress shopping and transportation were all a big hassle, it was definitely worth the trouble. Can’t wait for next year!