We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do, We’ve Got Spirit – What About You?

We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do, We've Got Spirit - What About You?

Nicole Joy Balawon, Student Life Editor

With Homecoming just around the corner, Spirit Week is in full swing! Here’s a recap of all the spirit days this past week!

Monday – Spirit Day

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Starting off the week, we have Spirit Day! Show your KMHS Pride by wearing any and all your spirit wear. You can either opt for a casual shirt and jeans or go all out with face paint and maybe even a tutu! Have you heard about there’s a competition among the classes? Attention all seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshman –  if you’re wearing spirit wear, make sure to stop by the Mane Link desk and sign up for your class for spirit points! The class with the most points at the end of the week receives Chick-Fil A gift cards Friday before the game!

To get the spirit hyped up for our Homecoming Game against the Hilgrove Hawks, sign up for pep games! It’s class versus class in a head to head competition – whoever wins grabs 1o points for their class! The pep game for today was horse races, with Juniors and Freshman in the lead for points.

Tuesday – Jersey/College Day


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Next is Tuesday’s theme,  Jersey/College Day. Come in reppin’ your favorite athlete, team, or college! A few suggestions for outfits might include maybe a varsity jacket, a prop like a football or soccer ball, or for you gals out there, pair your jersey with some leggings and converse and you’re set for the day! Don’t forget to sign up for today’s pep game, corn hole, and make sure to sign in for your class if you’re decked out in spirit wear!

Wednesday – Tacky Tourist Day


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With a wacky day ahead, join in and dress up as a Tacky Tourist! If you can’t think up of an outfit to go with your day, I’m sure a few minutes shopping in your dad’s closet for the tackiest shirt is the quickest way to get your outfit together. Pair that with khaki shorts and the dreaded ‘socks and sandals’ combo, and you’re all ready to ‘tour’ the school! Dressed in all your dad gear, make sure to drop by the Mane Link Desk and sign up to participate in today’s pep day – hoola hooping!

Thursday – Throwback Thursday (#tbt)

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Today’s the day to throw it back a couple decades! Pick a decade, really, any decade – from the Victorian era to 90’s! Throwin’ it back this Thursday, we have Lip Sync Battles goin’ on all throughout lunch! Special shoutout to seniors Archelle Thelemaque and Miranda Diaz for rockin it with their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody!

Friday –  Color Day

• Great lighting with great friends in the freezing cold❤️?

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And to finish off Spirit Week we have Color Day! Each grade is assigned a color based off of our theme for Homecoming – Mardi Gras! Freshman reppin’ in red, Sophomores , Juniors , and Seniors glittering in gold! Don’t forget tonight is our Homecoming Game and it’s Greek Night – make sure to wear your togas! Be there @7 as we take on the Hillgrove Hawks in hopes to clip their wings!

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