It’s Good to be Back

Two words to describe outstanding performance and excellence: Mustang. Messenger. We are back and indeed, better than ever. The Mustang Messenger has kicked off its second year, and seems to have only gotten better with age. This year, the staff is committed to continue and improve on the current standing of this journalistic organization and take this paper to uncharted territory. New staff calls for an immensely quirky and informal introduction, so without further ado, here is our 2016-2017 Mustang Messenger staff:

There will be no “chief complaints” about our Co Editor-in-Chiefs, Aydan Mufti and Ben Noble as these two are guaranteed to only serve up bonafide excellence this year.

Archelle Thelemaque, Managing Editor, is surely going to keep order and peace in a place where great minds will not always think alike.

Grammar, guts, and galore: three words to accurately describe these two audacious Editors at Large, Jamie Gracia and Kendra Adegbesan.

With Kristy Nguyen and Nicole Joy Balawon, bringing student life news and Meredith Johns dropping the “news” news, there will no longer be any excuses to not know what is going on whether it be in or outside of school.

Take a moment and appreciate the arts graciously posted up from our Arts and Entertainment constituent, Karah Nance.

Missed the game last week? No problem. Sports gurus, Will Robertson and Ethan Tribesch, are going to capture every touchdown and 3-point shot all season and all year long.

It’s all a matter of opinion and Shanzeh Faheem is here to hear you out.

An imperative precedent in world of journalism is to always look behind the scenes, and if you look closely, see the brainpower and for lack of better word, tech power that keeps the Mustang Messenger going, Jalen Springfield and Katie Evans.

And seriously, if you ain’t got no money, do not talk to our Business Manager, Sahil Sadaria.

As you can see, the Mustang Messenger is slammed with brilliant editors and staff that vow to deliver the best- hold on. Seems like we have breaking news coming in. Hello? You said what exactly? Mhmm. Yes. I understand. Thank you. Well, folks, this just in: A secret council, whose name we cannot disclose, has officially named the Mustang Messenger the best school newspaper at Kennesaw Mountain High School. There you have it; the facts speak for themselves, so come along and brace yourself for the most incredible year with the Mustang Messenger yet.