Brightening Up Social Media


Grayson Coker, Opinion's Editor

The new social media app “brighten” has slowly but surely made it to the top of the app store as well as the main point in ever teens conversation. The sole purpose of this app is to compliment your peers or maybe even people you would like to be friends with. A few years ago a website also became popular titled “” Both of these apps however are completely annonomys. The better difference between Brighten and is Brighten has ensured many ways to keep the comments as positive as possible. They have set up a point system for all of the users, the content of all of the “brightens” are intensely sensored to guarantee that everything going on other people’s pages are positive. If you say something that borders or breaks their guidelines you will receive a notification and after you gain a certain amount of strikes you are put on public time out. All of your friends can see that you are on timeout therefore letting all of your friends know you said something that has gotten reported.  I hope this app continues to stay light, fun, and joy-filled. However I do think eventually the hate and judgment of our youthful society will consume such a small concept and turn it to the dark side. Nevertheless I think that this idea is genius if it continues going as smoothly as it is so far.  So, please stay nice and stay bright(en)!

P.S: I genuinely apologize for the cheesy play on words