You May Soon Have a Drone as a Mailman – Amazon’s New Delivery System


Credited to Amazon.

Remember two years ago when Amazon announced that it was researching drone delivery systems? Well if you don’t get ready to hear more about it from multiple news outlets in the upcoming week. Why you ask? Well this Sunday, November 29th Amazon gave a sneak peek at Amazon Prime Air, an in-development drone delivery service, through an advertisement released on YouTube. The video features Jeremy Clarkson describing the “miracle of modern technologies” that promises to deliver packages in 30 minutes or less. The delivery of packages through unmanned drones has long been one of the most interesting and exciting science fiction and futurism promises. Many institutions have long completed research into unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and the technology itself is already in a state of extremely advanced development. What makes Amazon’s announcements so special is that the company is actively seeking to alter the current state of America’s perception and regulations on UAVs, a technology rifled in controversy due to its military applications. Although we are still a long way away from the full utilization of this technology, Amazon’s efforts will help to build up the future infrastructure and industry of the UVA field.


You can watch the add here: