Is Society Putting Romance on It’s Death Bed?

Is Society Putting Romance on It's Death Bed?

Grayson Coker, Opinion's Editor

Getting approval from the father, picking the girl up at 7 being home by 9,  the process of being asked out face to face. All of these fall under the category of a “cliche” relationship. However, this is how it used to be. When our parents were kids this is how dating worked. You called the girl’s house and if their dad picked up you carried on a conversation with him, and then asked to speak to his daughter. I don’t know when the romance stopped and the ignorance began. If you can kill something that is already dead, America’s youth has slaughtered the concept of a relationship. The structure of relationships in modern day society, is technology, is cowardliness. We no longer talk face to face, we text, we call, we Snapchat, we direct message. When did those become acceptable sources of communicating your feelings for someone? We have lost our dauntless initiative, we are no longer forced to stand up and face our feelings head on. Kids are not put in situations where they walk up to someone tell them “I really like you” and physically have to feel the pain in every step as they are walking away from being rejected and heart broken. Now we shoot someone a text that states “Hey baby, you cute wanna go out?”. THIS text is basically the foundation for modern relationships the base of so many relationships. We might look at it and laugh, but I know everyone has received a text similar to this that is proposing the same idea. We no longer date it takes months on end for a boy and a girl to fully commit. We “talk” we “mess around” we commit with no commitment. You hear kids say, “Omg how long have you and Bobby been dating” as the girl replies “Oh we aren’t dating, we’ve been talking for 6 months now”. WHEN DID TALKING GAIN A DIFFERENT DEFINITION THEN WORDS SPEWING OUT OF SOMEONES MOUTH. I looked on urban dictionary for a definition of talking, I realize this is a very mom thirsty for the approval of her kids type thing to do so please forgive me. Nevertheless, they defined it as: When two people are not exclusive with each other nor have established what they are as a couple, but have some sort of relationship. This definition truly makes me cringe, this has slowly become what our society believes is a relationship. Middle schoolers have what they choose to call a relationship just over text, as we are older and a little bit wiser we laugh at this. As a society, we do not see that our generation is getting closer and closer to that. I am not referring to blind dating, or meeting online, I am talking about the people that go to school with you. I am sitting here and typing this however I fall into the same situations. Taking a step back from what my generation finds acceptable is so distressing to see what we now consider romantic, or even a relationship. It terrifies me to even think what my children will consider a relationship to be. Generations will continue to kick a dead horse when it comes to romance it is dead and all we are doing now is killing a dead concept.