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Cross Country Preparing for the Future

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It has been a terrific year for Kennesaw Mountain’s Cross Country boys and girls so far. With the new coaches, Ms. Thompson and Mr. Golden, the entire training program has been adjusted to lead a new era of success in the sport for our school.  It is clear these two new terrific coaches have a great plan in place that will yield results in the near future.

The major adjustment can be seen in the rigor of the training. Compared to previous years, the runs are much long and more intense. For example, the boys’ team now runs from 60-90 minutes a day, significantly longer than last year.  They conduct this training in various different locations as well this year, often switching from runs at Allatoona Creek Park, to the Kennesaw Mountain Trail, to Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield.  The theory behind switching the running locations is that the kids will be used to any terrain and elevation. That sounds like a solid strategy to prepare each runner for any race and any situation.

These training changes are not the only beneficial adjustment this year. Outstanding leadership from the team’s captains is provoking more and more students to join this sport. The girls captain is Chris Gough (11th grade), while the boys captains are Noah Zimmer (12th grade) and Grayson Lyons (12th grade). These upbeat and cheerful individuals exemplify what it means to be a leader at Kennesaw Mountain. They boost the morale of each and every practice and personify the qualities of motivation and drive. Their constant encouragement without a doubt is causing a new generation of underclassman to come up through the ranks and work on getting faster.

As a Senior at Kennesaw Mountain, I am encouraged by the changes made to the cross country program at our school. I am excited to see their results this year, and for many years to come. It is clear that their success will be coming very soon, especially with young and promising runners still on the roster, such as Will Bullock (10th grade) and Elizabeth Rice (10th grade).  I wish them luck and hope they continue to maintain the outstanding traditions of the program.

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Cross Country Preparing for the Future