DECA: Where Business and Pleasure Meet

DECA: Where Business and Pleasure Meet

Archelle Thelemaque, Student Life Editor

Around school you may have heard the name DECA mentioned whether it be through normal conversation or just a short segment on the announcements. Nevertheless, the DECA organization at KMHS is one of great standard. DECA is an international organization that focuses on giving high school and college students the opportunity to get their feet wet in the business industry early on. Students are challenged with various roles as business leaders and compete on a regional, state, and national level to see who would truly survive in the business world. Not only is this a great club to get a head start in the world of business, but students have the opportunity to meet amazing people  from all around the globe that they would not have otherwise encountered unless they had joined DECA.

The DECA organization here at the mountain is sponsored by Mrs. Angela Fietchel. Mrs. Fietchel has been the sponsor of DECA for many consecutive years now and still takes on the job with pleasure. Students are are attracted to DECA not only for the business aspects but also because of the many exciting adventures that the members partake in. Just this semester, the members of DECA have gone to a Georgia Tech Football Game, an Atlanta Braves baseball game, and in past years have even gone to the New York City!

DECA is also very involved in the community by hopping on every opportunity allowing them to give back to the community. Recently, members of DECA have been gearing up for the Wounded Warriors Project that will give back to veterans who have already given so much to the nation. This service project will be used to raise money for those who have served, and members of DECA will write letters to those still in service to pay their respects.

As you can see, DECA is not just a club-it is a life experience. DECA is bound to change your high school experience by exposing you to great people in a great environment. DECA holds monthly meetings before and after school on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. If you are interested in becoming a member of DECA, please contact Mrs. Fietchl in room 218 to become a member today.

Join DECA and #BEEPIC!