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  • November 4Mustangs Defeated By North Cobb Warriors (48 - 13)

  • October 14Mustangs Tamed By McEachern Indians (43 - 14)

  • October 8Mustangs Burned By Blue Devils (42 - 7)

  • October 6Women's Softball Crowned Region Champs

  • September 16Mustangs Trample Over Osbourne Cardinals (41 - 6)

  • August 25Women's Fastpitch Remains Undefeated

Shanzeh is an opinions editor at Mustang Messenger. Her interests include parliamentary debates, writing, keeping up with molecular biology theories, and discovering underrated novels. Shanzeh aspires to be the President of the debating society of Pakistan and work with World Wide Fund to save the planet. She is a hard core supporter of Bernie Sanders and was reported to have been seen shedding tear(s) when he lost the Democratic nominee race. In her free time she likes to make Nutella mug cakes, discover lost music from the 80s, and watch House of Cards.

Shanzeh Faheem, Opinions Editor

Dec 01, 2016
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Oct 29, 2016
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