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  • November 4Mustangs Defeated By North Cobb Warriors (48 - 13)

  • October 14Mustangs Tamed By McEachern Indians (43 - 14)

  • October 8Mustangs Burned By Blue Devils (42 - 7)

  • October 6Women's Softball Crowned Region Champs

  • September 16Mustangs Trample Over Osbourne Cardinals (41 - 6)

  • August 25Women's Fastpitch Remains Undefeated

Archelle Thelemaque is a wizard at slam poetry and is notoriously known for her smash hit, BU. She currently holds the self-proclaimed title as "The Most Poppin' Senior at KMHS", is a self-diagnosed hypochondriac, an avid Twitter user, and just an overall straight baller. In her free time, she enjoys working on her 2044 Presidential campaign, #moveonandprosper #thelemaque2044. Archelle refers to herself as 'KMHS' Lil' Barack' as she is, in fact, the first black Student Body President. Archelle aspires to become a Billy Joel impersonator post-high school graduation, and hopes to one day become a martyr for the Convertible Cargo Pants movement, #CPPlivesmatter.

Archelle Thelemaque, Managing Editor

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