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Track of the Week: Angel Olsen-“Shut Up Kiss Me”

Ben Noble, Editor-In-Chief

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Angel Olsen is no longer the sad little girl with the guitar, fussy reverb pedal and the Leonard Cohen records, quietly crooning her sorrows from the corner. Now she is a warrior against all doubt in life, and “Shut Up Kiss Me” is her announcement of this reinvention. Armed with a platinum wig and a backing band halfway between T. Rex and Loretta Lynn, Olsen has no time for nebbish paeans. While her previous work operated lyrically in the past tense, dealing mostly in long form reflections on sadness (to the point where her signature lyric became White Fire’s “Everything is tragic, it all just falls apart,”), “Shut Up Kiss Me” has an undeniable urgency about it, putting the song squarely in the present. When Olsen screeches out “…we can rewind all those tears,” her voice stretches with a newfound passion, its unique twang clanging off the guitar line like a hammer to an anvil. Citing Dolly Parton as an inspiration for this newfound glam rock meets Nashville transformation, “Shut Up Kiss Me” operates as an antithesis to Parton’s own “Jolene.” While “Jolene” was a track meditating on a woman’s insecurity in the face of abandonment, Olsen makes “Shut Up Kiss Me” a supremely confident anthem, a song for all those doubting what could be, a rallying cry for the hopeless romantics she once wept along with. While it may be anything but conventional, “Shut Up Kiss Me” is without a doubt one of the best songs this year has had to offer.

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Track of the Week: Angel Olsen-“Shut Up Kiss Me”