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Song of the Week: U.S. Girls-Window Shade

Ben Noble, Opinions Editor

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One of, if not the greatest merit about pop music is it is the most malleable genre in the whole pantheon of music, simply because the definition of “pop” is so loose. Sure, Taylor Swift is pop music at its most base, but what do call Purity Ring or whatever the dumpster fire that Currents was? Well, pop music. Enter Megan Remy and U.S. Girls. On her latest album, Half Free, Remy finds the perfect balance between the anxious tension conveyed within her delivery and lyricism and the throwback sensibility of her aesthetic and production choices. While the singles from the record are stellar in isolation, the true pinnacle of synthesis comes midway through the record, in the form of “Window Shades.” Channeling a fragile warble somewhere between Dusty Springfield and Actor-era Annie Clark. The track is a torch song after fermentation, the flavor of the original ingredient gone, leaving behind only a slight hint of what once was, and being replaced with bitterness and a burning in your throat on the way down.

Here, Remy is less invoking lyrical sentiments as much as incantations bordering on a Gregorian chant. Half the song’s running time is spent self-assuring herself that this time is finally the last. Through repetition of this motif, it transforms from hollow incantation  to irrefutable canon. In this moment, the true beauty of pop music comes out. By making the piece built around redundant phrases, a new epiphany shoots out.

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Song of the Week: U.S. Girls-Window Shade